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Part B


In the following text, some sentences have been removed. For Questions 41~45, choose the most suitable one from the list A~G to fit into each of the numbered blanks. There are two extra choices, which do not fit in any of the blanks. Mark your answers on the ANSWER SHEET. (10 points)

In the movies and on television, artificial intelligence is typically depicted as something sinister that will upend our way of life. When it comes to AI in business, we often hear about it in relation to automation and the impending loss of jobs, but in what ways is AI changing companies and the larger economy that don’t involve doom-and-gloom mass unemployment predictions?

A recent survey of manufacturing and service industries from Tata Consultancy Services found that companies currently use AI more often in computer-to-computer activities than in automating human activities. One common application? Preventing electronic security breaches, which, rather than eliminating IT jobs, actually makes those personnel more valuable to employers, because they help firms prevent hacking attempts.

Here are a few other ways AI is aiding companies without replacing employees:

Better hiring practices

Companies are using artificial intelligence to remove some of the unconscious bias from hiring decisions. “There are experiments that show that, naturally, the results of interviews are much more biased than what AI does,” says Pedro Domingos, author of The Master Algorithm: How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World and a computer science professor at the University of Washington. In addition, “41. _______________” One company that’s doing this is called Blendoor. It uses analytics to help identify where there may be bias in the hiring process.

More effective marketing

Some AI software can analyze and optimize marketing email subject lines to increase open rates. One company in the UK, Phrasee, claims their software can outperform humans by up to 10 percent when it comes to email open rates. This can mean millions more in revenue. 42. _______________ These are “tools that help people use data, not a replacement for people,” says Patrick H. Winston, a professor of artificial intelligence and computer science at MIT.

Saving customers money

Energy companies can use AI to help customers reduce their electricity bills, saving them money while helping the environment. Companies can also optimize their own energy use and cut down on the cost of electricity. Insurance companies, meanwhile, can base their premiums on AI models that more accurately access risk. Domingos says, “43. _______________”

Improved accuracy

“Machine learning often provides a more reliable form of statistics, which makes data more valuable,” says Winston. It “helps people make smarter decisions.” 44. _______________

Protecting and maintaining infrastructure

A number of companies, particularly in energy and transportation, use AI image processing technology to inspect infrastructure and prevent equipment failure or leaks before they happen. “If they fail first and then you fix them, it’s very expensive,” says Domingos. “45. _______________”

[A] AI replaces the boring parts of your job. If you’re doing research, you can have AI go out and look for relevant sources and information that otherwise you just wouldn’t have time for.

[B] One accounting firm, EY, uses an AI system that helps review contracts during an audit. This process, along with employees reviewing the contracts, is faster and more accurate.

[C] There are also companies like Acquisio, which analyzes advertising performance across multiple channels like Adwords, Bing and social media and makes adjustments or suggestions about where advertising funds will yield best results.

[D] You want to predict if something needs attention now and point to where it’s useful for employees to go to.

[E] Before, they might not insure the ones who felt like a high risk or charge them too much, or they would charge them too little and then it would cost the company money.

[F]We’re also giving our customers better channels versus picking up the phone to accomplish something beyond human scale.

[G] AI looks at résumés in greater numbers than humans would be able to, and selects the more promising candidates.

41. 【答案】G(AI looks at résumés in greater numbers than...)


41.  题标题为Better hiring practices(更好的雇佣选择),空前有hiring decisions(雇佣决定)和interviews(面试),这些话题与G项résumés(简历)和candidates(候选者)相符,且在文意上也是顺承。所以本题选G。

42. 【答案】C(There are also companies like Acquisio, which analyzes...)


42题空前提到One company in the UK, Phrasee(一家在英国名为Phrasee的公司),与C项中There are also companies like Acquisio(也有像Acquisio这样的公司)匹配。所以本题选C。

43. 【答案】E(Before, they might not insure the ones who felt like a high risk...)


43题空前提到Insurance company(保险公司)和risk(风险)等词,与E项insure(承保)和high risk(高风险)匹配,且43题空前和E项都是围绕“AI对保险公司和保险人的帮助”展开的。所以本题选E。

44. 【答案】B(One accounting firm, EY, uses an AI system that helps review...)


44题的小标题Improved accuracy(提高准确性)与B项中is faster and more accurate(更快更准确)相匹配,且B项...an AI system ... helps review contracts during an audit ... is faster and more accurate(AI系统在审计期间帮助审查合同,更快更准确)是一个论证AI提高准确性的事例,与本段小标题即中心相符。所以本题选B。

45. 【答案】D(You want to predict if something needs attention now and...)


45题空前提到use AI ... prevent equipment failure or leaks before they happen(使用AI…在设备故障或泄漏发生之前阻止),与D项You want to predict if something needs attention now(你想要预 测现在是否有什么需要关注)文意顺承。所以本题选D。 


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